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US Chamber of Commerce Gets Punked on Climate Change

October 21, 2009

In a shocking reversal after denying climate science for decades, a spokesperson for the US Chamber of Commerce (the world’s largest business advocacy group) announced yesterday that they have reversed their historical stance on the issue of global climate change.
According to the press release carried by The New York Times, Reuters, CNBC, the Washington Post and FOXNews:

WASHINGTON, D.C.-The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is throwing its weight behind strong climate legislation, a spokesman for Chamber President Tom J. Donahue announced today at the National Press Club.
“We believe that strong climate legislation is the best way to ensure American innovation, create jobs, and make sure the U.S. and the world are on track to reduce global carbon emissions, and to provide for the needs of the American business community for generations to come,” said the spokesman, Hingo Sembra.

However, it turns out that the press conference was actually held by The Yes Men, an activist group who specializes in impersonating business organizations such as Halliburton, Dow Chemicals, the World Trade Organization and McDonald’s in order to provoke questions about the role that these companies play in global issues.
Watch the hilarity ensue as FOXNews learns of the hoax midway through their broadcast:

From Democracy

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